Overview of Webtoolz controls

WebToolz offers a number of useful controls to build interactive web components. These controls can be put into conceptual categories.

  • Execute Controls - these are controls that fire when you hit a submit button, or on a specific event (like a page load or a post to the database
  • Smart HTML controls - These are your standard form-builder controls (like checkboxes and drop-downs) with a few additional ones that are able to respond to business logic - like conditional drop-downs or conditional show/hide elements. There are also a few user account driven ones like changing passwords, and data driven ones - where an IQA query controls what is on the page.
  • Pre-Process Controls - these are controls that pick up data before processing - like getting the ID of the logged in user, or what is in the cart.
  • Post-execution controls - these controls fire after the data has been passed to a stored procedure and perform smart actions like adding the user to a group or role, or sending out emails to a group of users, or inserting some javascript into a page to change the way it operates.
  • URL and tracking - these controls can either give you information on the current user - like their browser, IP or device, or they can redirect the user to another web page after submission.
  • PLUS controls - these controls require an additional license and are generally integration controls for other software solutions (Like adobe connect).