Webtoolz iPart - iPart options

Standard and Webtoolz specific options in the iPart

Standard iPart controls

Name: It is recommended that each Webtoolz iPart is given a unique name (assists when viewing on the Rise content Page
Title: Will display if populated
Do not render in design mode: check to stop render in design mode
Display a border around this content: Will add a border around the form
Display content in a collapsible panel, Show the content as collapsed: Collapses content , toggle added
Display on screen sizes (for responsive themes only): Leave checked unless not working on a responsive theme



Webtoolz iPart controls

Ajax refresh of entire page:  Useful if e.g. in an Query menu iPart is on the page to show data a user has just submitted
Reset controls after page refresh (postback):  Use if you do not want values input by the user to remain on the page afer a page refresh
i.e. if user hits a submit button.
Hide error messages: Tick for productive use.